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38% of the CFO's expect at least 50% of their current job to be replaced by AI over the next 10 years.

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Finance and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

We are excited to present the results from our first Capita Finance Futures survey. The findings of this major piece of research confirm that many organisations, as they strive to remain fit for the future, have made great forward strides with their transformation strategies.

With progress, comes challenges and new questions. Our Capita Finance Futures Report will provide your organisation with relevant, peer driven, insights to:

- Compare your digital transformation progress against that of your peers;

- Build a real-time overview of how organisations in the UK and Ireland are meeting their strategic priorities;

- Gain important insights about drivers of innovation and change within the finance function;

We see finance directors too often find themselves taking a back seat in decision-making on technology for the back-office finance function. Our research suggests that things could be about to change. 

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THE CLOUD: 78% of finance executives surveyed say their organisation’s systems are cloud-enabled to some extent.

DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: 39% say they discuss their digital transformation strategy with senior management on a monthly basis.

THE MODERN WORKFORCE: 39% see a shortage of the requisite skills for capitalising on technological advances.

Source (Capita Finance Futures Report, September 2019)

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